RJ Rupert 03

Services Include:

The Bar R Ranch – Instructions/Lessons

When you back into the box to rope, are you “hoping” to just catch?  Do you really know what the “move” is or did you have to ask someone else?

How are your riding skills? Are you comfortable and confident on and around your horse?

Let’s get this show on the road!  Contact me at 208 589-7298 or email me skinrond@ymail.com.

Lessons    Individual or groups welcome

    *Riding – Beginner to Advanced          *Roping – Beginner to Competitor

Private Lessons:         $650.00 for 10 lessons or $75.00 ea

Tip:  As long as you ride horses, you are developing your balance and timing, and a rider/roper must have balance in order to have timing.  And as you know, in life, timing is EVERYTHING.

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