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The Bar R Ranch

Dedicated to Your Success


The Bar R Ranch focuses on providing the young roper a facility and instruction where learning to rope properly is easy and success is evident after every training session, as well as arenas and services to fine tune the competent rider and his or her rope horse.  Breakaway and tie-down ropers enjoy the indoor and outdoor facilities, experienced coaching and video training methods.  Rodeo competition begins with solid methods for ropers and their horses, which are proven effective.  Our group lessons, clinics and one-on-one instruction, using techniques that are matched to the roper, result in observable improvement and success at the rodeo!

Ropes, roping dummies and training techniques are available for purchase and guidance at all times.  Horses are available for purchase or lease.

The Bar R Ranch facilities also serve as boarding opportunities for all horse folks, and our indoor and outdoor facilities and adjacent field trails are available to all boarders.

Horse training is offered that teaches all horses the basic handle that is necessary in all equine events.  Success with any horse is a matter of suppleness and resistance-free movement beneath the rider; the Bar R trains horses in many disciplines, e.g., colt starting, roping, reining, penning, trail riding and timber hunting, and relies on the basic handle to ensure horses can adequately perform at these higher levels of expectation.

Call us to discuss your needs and how we can help you with both your horse and your personal needs, to make your equine experience the best it can be !