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Training rope and barrel horses

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Starting Your Young Horse –Frequent Short Training Sessions is the road to success, for horse and rider.

Starting a young horse properly is critical to developing a safe, reliable, capable and willing partner for the life of that horse, and this training must be conducted by an experienced, capable and competent trainer, who is consistent, firm and fair.

Prices: $800.00 per month, includes training, feeding and care.

Training Requirement Timeframe:  Two (2) months Minimum.  Three (3) month’s training puts the icing on the cake!

See Basic Handle for details on my colt-starting program.

Tune Up for the Broke Horse  aka  Overweight and Under-Ridden

A physically fit and mentally focused horse is a pleasure to ride and handle.

Generally, the (supposedly) broke horse suffers from too much feed and too few rides, and that combination can be very unsafe for the rider, as well as the horse.

Price:  $800.00 per month, includes training, feed, board and care.

Training Requirement Timeframe: One (1) month minimum.

Training and/or Retraining the Rope Horse

Based on your horse’s prior training, athletic ability, intelligence and your desired level of competition, will determine the amount of time required to train an effective rope horse.

Price $900.00 per month,

Training Requirement: Three (3) month minimum

The Bar R Ranch uses skids and live cattle to train with.

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